2013 DFW ProAm Jam and Family Outing

I am volunteering at DFW this year again, I forgot how exciting (and exhausting) this event was…. I had a lot of fun volunteering, except for this time there was no breakfast for us…. so I ended up running out of energy on the floor fairly sooner than I had expected :/

Still a lot of fun, cooler classes with Mary-Ann Nuez, one of my all time favorites followers.  I wish I had stayed at the event longer, but I was distracted by family outings here and there – after all, I am back to Dallas to be with my family Smile

Thursday Earlybird class

2013-05-29 065

Enthusiastic classmates

2013-05-29 067

Mary-Ann Nuez, one of the pioneers in west coast swing scene

2013-05-29 070

There weren’t many people showing up for the Friday night dance, so we got plenty of floor space.

2013-05-29 072

Michelle practicing her routine

2013-05-29 075

Meg practicing her routine with her partner.

2013-05-29 080

2013-05-29 087

Professional show case

2013-05-29 088

2013-05-29 089

2013-05-29 092

2013-05-29 098

2013-05-29 111

2013-05-29 116


My family “strongly recommended” me to drop out of DFW ProAm jam for a family and friends picnic out on Clear Lake.  Like that wasn’t enough, my dad told me they start at 11:30 am, but I was dragged out from my bed at 9am because the picnic actually starts at 10…. there goes my 2 hours of sleep, so I ended up having less than 4 hours of sleep….

2013-05-29 120_stitch

but Clear Lake was so beautiful and blue that day…

2013-05-29 127

Two guys fishing not far from us

2013-05-29 128

Our picnic table

2013-05-29 134

This is what I’m talking about Smile

2013-05-29 1362013-05-29 139

Good times…everyone

2013-05-29 140

Part of the reason my parents forced me to come here is because several kids that I knew would show up too… like Ray, an ex-colleague from USAA, whose parents are friends of my parents.  I haven’t seen Ray since I dropped out of USAA back in 2009.

2013-05-29 143

Got caught on camera!

2013-05-29 145

Last time I saw Johnny was in middle school, though his parents have been friends with my parents for many years.

2013-05-29 169

For the first time, I could see Haider on the same level – all because he was sitting and I was standing (watch your hand mister!)

Saturday night was the toga party, we all had fun with Meg’s dress

Picturing with the goddess

Saturday night dance

2013-05-29 1802013-05-29 187

Chariot race

2013-05-29 197

Line dancing…with chariot too!

2013-05-29 200

Dinner with mom at Spring Creek Barbeque, one of our all-time-favorite restaurants.

2013-05-29 201

This is why we are here – the $6 rib plate

2013-05-29 210

Newcomer Strictly

2013-05-29 215

DJ booth

2013-05-29 216

Novice Strictly

2013-05-29 222

Novice Strictly

Overflow “seating”

2013-05-29 225

The Judges

2013-05-29 231

With Jessica from Arlington, and the jam (made of orange, pineapple, and rum!)

4 thoughts on “2013 DFW ProAm Jam and Family Outing

  1. Hi Jenny,
    I’m glad I got to meet and dance with you at DFW ProAM Jam. Your blog does a good job capturing the joy of it. I’m looking forward to going to next year’s event already.

    • I’m glad you get a chuck or two out of my posts. See you next year! I might be back during Spring Festival since it’s too cold in Beijing for me to handle (lesson learned from the last time)

  2. I’m sorry to read that your visit to Beijing Ballroom for West Coast Swing was such a disappointment. That’s no way to build a dance community.

    • yeah agreed! Learning salsa, and found a few girls interested in WCS, still no man yet 🙂