798 Art District and Salsa at LAN Club

Mom was also interested in going to 798, the art district made out of a bunch of abandoned factory buildings.

2013-10-08 001

Cute little ornamental characters dressed in revolutionary outfits.

A shop named “tuan tuan tuan zi” or dum-dum- dumplings.

2013-10-08 004

A grand work named “China”, a quite busy picture.

2013-10-08 005

another oil painting depicting 2008 Sichuan earthquake.

He also owns galleries upstairs

2013-10-08 007_stitch

A little picture on the ground supposedly to create a 3D impression in the camera.

2013-10-08 009 - Copy2013-10-08 010

Does that work?

Walking on the upper deck, which is decorated by a series of creative furniture.

Like this table.

I guess you could get the freshest groceries here.

Looking down at a music plaza.

2013-10-08 017_stitch (2)

The Chinese poster under the chimney reads, “For Love”.

railroad that used to ship stuff in and out of the factory.

2013-10-08 022

What’s left of the trains that used to work here.

Candle tree.

2013-10-08 028

Coffee shops, books, and people.

A hole-in-the-wall restaurant

After some 30 odd years, mom still remembers this part of Quotations from Chairman Mao Tse-Tung quite well!

2013-10-08 034

Our Hawaiian pizza for the night.

9 versions of the old Hongxing Wine labels, with of course, the Er’guotou the most famous (lower left corner)

2013-10-08 041

The old Beijinger yogurt is especially popular among the tourists.

2013-10-08 045_stitch

That night China Salsa Congress opened their championship weekend with a dance at one of the most luxurious bars in Beijing, LAN Club.  I had to check the locations three times to make sure that it does happen to be just 3 minutes from to my office building.

2013-10-08 050

2013-10-08 042

This is the most impressive bath I’ve found in the capital of China.