798 Visit with Hilary

My favorite artist Hilary came to Beijing, of course, 798 Art District came in mind and I knew she would love this place.

2013-10-28 003

One of my favorite artists in this district is actually an oil painter.  This is his work United States

2013-10-28 008


2013-10-28 013

Shops selling model toys.

2013-10-28 019

Old recoil imitation


This building’s name brought back the fond memories of our high school English class, where we watched a movie Citizen Kane.

Another exhibition, where the entire exhibition were just torn up discarded tires.

2013-10-28 027

Creative Plaza

2013-10-28 029

One side of the Creative Plaza sits Hong Kong gallery

2013-10-28 030

Shops with paraphernalia of revolutionary figures

Hilary with her Chinese opera figures Smile

2013-10-28 035

2013-10-28 036

2013-10-28 038

Creative fridge magnets

2013-10-28 040

and postcards

“Spendthrift Lane”  Mousepad, resembling a bus stop sign containing all the luxury shopping centers around Beijing.



2013-10-28 048

2013-10-28 049

Kitty with a cut melon

Found this shop commanded all of its employees to message each other Smile