798 Visit with Yang

Me and Yang decided to visit 798, Yang especially wanted to visit the Ullens Center for Contemporary Art (UCCA).

We were greeted with a hall full of most random streaks.

2014-08-09 125

It’s a gigantic guest book: *** made it here alive and well.

2014-08-09 127

Featured exhibition of life and works of Hans van Dijk, a Holland artist living in Beijing.

2014-08-09 128

Some of his works

2014-08-09 131_stitch

Interesting zooming

2014-08-09 135

Person for sell, price negotiable.

2014-08-09 137

paintings made by pins

2014-08-09 139

2014-08-09 140

Another one.

2014-08-09 141

Next day I bumped into a postman who decided to license his own cargo-tricycle the most auspicious license plate number in the entire city of Beijing.