Album Opening Party and Planetarium

2014-08-24 001

Had a crab egg soup, a typical Beijinger dish the other day.  Love the crabby bowl!

2014-08-24 004

One of my clients, Anna, had her album opening party, where she sang none stop for hours.  It’s neat to see my translation printed on the artist’s new album.

2014-08-24 005

Anna at work.

Me and Anna, both Chinese, completely different facial features.

Then I had her autograph on her album with my translation.

2014-08-24 017

A fellow UT alum found me on LinkedIn and invited me over to one of the month events that he organizes.

2014-08-24 018

A bunch of local screen writers, directors, producers, actors and actresses get together here. 

2014-08-24 019

I saw a lot of very pretty people.

Next day I went to Planetarium.

You enter the museum through this parabola door.

2014-08-24 029

They had an assortments of cool models for kids.

2014-08-24 034

Life of universe.

2014-08-24 040

Mystery of dinosaur. 

This is a heaven for kids.  Everywhere you hear their joyful surprises and see their intriguing little faces.  We went to watch an IMAX movie about the life of a star and you could hear the kids go “Oh look, there is the sun!”  They light up my weekend like Christmas tree.