Alhambra, Spain

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“You gotta go to Alhambra” so everyone told us. Me and Tian looked at each other, “well, since they told us this is the eighth wonder of the world” we’d better make ourselves there.

If you are going there because someone called it the “eighth” wonder of the world, please think again. It is though, a huge palace on top of the mountain, designated as a UNESCO historical site, among numerous other historical architecture feats. However, it is definitely not super amazing like the Hanging Garden of Babylon, and most of all it is still a usable palace… Definitely worth the visit, but just not that exaggerated.

However, you have to be very prepared if you want to go there – book in advance. The palace only allows a thousand visitors per day and that is easy to fill up during the peak season. We were lucky that our hostel has a chain hostel in Granada (the city served as the gateway to Alhambra) and they have reservations everyday and they just happened to have available reservation that day.

From Alhambra, Spain, posted by Jenny Zheng on 5/25/2011 (78 items)

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