Alta Gracia, Argentina

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This was the first place I heard about Che Guevara – I guess by growing up in the States either his name never showed up on our textbooks or I just plain didn’t study-or both.  Apparently this best man of communist ideal grew up here in a nice little house not far from the town center.  After visiting the museum dedicating to him in his old house, I went to visit the Alta Gracia Estencia (or plantation under missionaries at the time), now a UNESCO Heritage site.    On my way to the Estancia I met a Mexican man and woman who told me there were a German and Brazilian also visiting there.  I was wondering what they were talking about, then I met the German and Brazilian at the entrance of the estancia and it turned out that we were all from the same hostel back in Cordova (the two Mexicans, and the German and Brazilian).  After my visit, I decided to tag along with them to Belgrano, a German town not far from here, but we had the hardest time hitching any car from the street.  Though we did have a blast standing along the side of the street putting our hands together and begging “Por Favor…” to attract potentials….

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