Antarctica I Drake Passage

…feels like a dream

I wanted to come here for so long, and even when I was already on the ship, I felt murphy’s law may want to join us….

Then there is Drake Passage, maybe this is murphy’s law.

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Drake passage is the rites of passage to Antarctica, so they said….

For two days our ship tossed around the ocean, for two days I was in awe of the forces of nature, for two days we learned about the penguins, the seals, the whales….

The ship was a Chilean navy ship remodeled into a cruise ship.  Along with a big dinning room surrounded with glasses, it was furnished with a cozy library, a conference room, and a fitness center which is still under construction.  I shared a room with a Japanese backpacker in the lower deck.  She slept through the entire passage.  We had to use sticky mats to hold our plates and glasses in place.  The kitchen never stopped clunking while the ship swayed left and right.

On the second evening, we spotted our first ice by the sunlight.  Everyone was excited. “Ice burg… Ice burg…” was all I could hear in everyone ‘s talks.  We all competed for spots to take our first photos with our first first ice burg.  Soon after that, more and more ice burg showed up.  “Oh it’s just another ice burg…”

Are we ready for what’s coming?

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