Antarctica Part III – Brown Bluff

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The staff promised to bring us to gentoo penguins place, and our next place, a spot on Antarctica continent called Brown Bluff, is the home of gentoo penguins.  When we were visiting this place, they were still busy gathering foods for their offspring. The babies gathered around leftover on the shore to cool off their thick and fluffy baby feathers while the parents go off to gather enough foods for their children.  The adults taking turns to watch for everyone’s babies, and the parents queue up to catch fishes.  Everything runs in an orderly manner.

After visiting the penguins, we saw the edge of the huge Antarctic continent ice sheet.  Then we heard a pop, followed by several other clicks, then a line in on one of a side of the ice sheet.  BOOM! Like a thunder, before we realized it, it is already floating away from the continent.

From Antarctica Part III – Brown Bluff, posted by Jenny Zheng on 8/27/2012 (79 items)

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