Antarctica Part IX – Aitcho Island

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I always like to pronounce it as if you were gonna sneeze “achoo!”..  This is a tiny island in middle of a series of big islands off Antarctica Peninusula. This is one of the few islands that have some green on its surface.  Due to the global warming, most of the ice around here melted during its summer….  “You could see changes every year you come back to Antarctica, where it used to be layers of ice, now they are usually nearly melted if not already melted.”

On the side were we landed, all we could were the usual penguins among a few lush green mosses.  Once we walked over to the other side of the island, many other life forms emerged under the hills: sealions, seals, southern giant petro.  The little backspace became a zoo of natural wonders.

From Antarctica Part IX – Aitcho (achoo!) Island, posted by Jenny Zheng on 8/31/2012 (116 items)

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