Antarctica Part X – King George Island

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After a week of staying together under one roof, I haven’t felt such a comradeship in a long time.  People started passing around their souvenirs, leaving off each others contacts while quietly waiting for the moment of departure. As much as we hated it, that moment eventually came.  Our luggages were shipped off the cruise, and one by one we were let off our ship into the island where most of research bases stationed, King George Island.  As soon as we landed, one more penguin stood by the shore and greeted us.  We passed some interesting shaped research buildings with a small wooden building on the top of a hill, “that’s a Russian orthodox church.”  Someone noted it for us. “Those who can’t walk 2 kilometers, follow me!” Carla’s father and a few elderlies came out to the special truck prepared for them, while the rest of us walked our way to a rather rudimentary airport surrounded by the beautiful Antarctica lakes and glaciers. Good bye, penguins, good bye, cruise, good bye, Antarctica.

From Antarctica Part X – King George Island, posted by Jenny Zhengon 9/01/2012 (83 items)

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