Apartment Hunting, Wrapping Zongzi

Found one of my favorite coffee shop actually lets you make your own coffee of choice, here is my very first professional hot chocolate – not a small feat should I add Smile

2014-06-16 017

My lease is up, apartment hunt going official – good bye my beloved apartment. You took me in the past 1.5 years.  The reason why I’m leaving, I’m finally getting tired of staying on top of a busy bus station.

2014-06-16 024

Alumni Association organized an Australian Wine Tasting Session at one of my favorite hotels in Beijing, Sofitel.

2014-06-16 025

This doesn’t look very Beijing….

2014-06-16 030

Lured by yummy barbeque, I’m here at Internations Friday nights out.

Expats gather.

2014-06-16 034

Free wines.

My first few candidate apartments were next to the gigantic CCTV tower.

Same apartment, different floor.

It’s kitchen/laundry

2014-06-16 048_stitch

I accidentally bumped into this apartment, which is basically in my favorite location, a rare find indeed.

2014-06-16 050_stitch

Unfortunately, I was a step late on signing the lease.

2014-06-16 059

Visiting my great aunt’s house in Jingzhou during Dragon Boats Festival, found her making Zongzi (a traditional Chinese food, made of sticky rice stuffed in reed leaves)  in the living room.

2014-06-16 062

Her granddaughter… happened to be my tiny cousin.

2014-06-16 064

You take the sticky rice out of a bowl

Warp the reed leave and put the rice in it.



Tie it up with a string.

She made fifty some zongzis before steaming them.

2014-06-16 079

Found a self-made motor bike on Beijing street.

2014-06-16 080

This was obviously not the cat’s first time.

The table in my new apartment was obviously not made for reading, but it’s definitely very cute… unfortunately I can’t read on a table too cute like this, so I had to put it up for sale.