Avignon, France

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While traveling in Morocco, I met an American guy living in France who told me about southern France.  Avignon is one of the places he highly recommended…  Despite the fact that I couldn’t find any available hostel beds to reserve, I booked myself a rather pricey hotel for the night….  After getting very lost trying to find my hotel, I finally found it on the map and dragged my suitcase with me for an hour to get there.  When I got there at 11pm, I found a man in the hotel, he didn’t even ask for my name, handed me the key and told me to go up stairs for my room then left for the night. It happened so fast that I forgot the room number of my room… and my room # on my key happened to be either a 6 or a 9 – depending on which ever way you turn….  So I tried #6, and it didn’t work, so I figured my room must been #9…..   

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