Bamboo Raft and Drift Near Fangshan, China

2013-07-20 011_stitch

The Beijing translation team organized a team outing to the outskirt of the city.  The description says that we will take a 3 hour ride to the outside of the city, then we will barbeque and drift.

For a while I thought drift was the same as tube.  In hot summers of Texas, people love tubing parties on Gradalupe River.  Tubing, where each person sits in the middle of a big tire-looking rubber tube and float down the the river with his beer and friends, is super popular in southern Texas.  You could tie the tubes together to stay close with your friends and your beers.

But apparently drift is a bit different, you still “drift” down the river, but in a boat instead letting your butt touch the water.

Our pit stop is at a little break area right in front of a picturesque village at the foot of a mountain.

2013-07-20 016

Where we found a shop selling things made out of walnuts.

These walnut swords are worth about a $100.

2013-07-20 018

“Get some walnut gourdes,” the owner urged, “they meant good luck.”

And they aren’t super expensive either, around $40.

At the convenient shop next door, I bought some juices made from locally produced fruits.  They are sweet tingled with a bit of sour at first, great when cold.

2013-07-20 025

Someone screamed as we walked, and we found this… dead snake dried up under the scorching sun.

2013-07-20 028

First program, bamboo raft.

Or you could enter through the gate right across from the bamboo raft place and climb the mountain, but it was just way too hot that day.

Ready, go!

2013-07-20 029 (3)

Wait up!

2013-07-20 029

I was on the same boat with Yulia.

2013-07-20 040

Hi guys!!

and Vadjra finally turned around

Hopping between the rafts could be a little risky but fun.

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The gorgeous view on the river

2013-07-20 063

Me taking a break from all the hard work.

2013-07-20 065

The Spanish and Russian raft.

2013-07-20 067


2013-07-20 070_stitch

The bank, where we came from.

2013-07-20 072

On the other side there is a small gazebo where you could swim over, but it was too deep for the bamboo raft.

2013-07-20 073

Next up, barbeque… I thought we were going to a park with meats and seasoning, but I forgot this is China, there is no park with barbeque stands.  Ok, I guess the restaurant is a way more professional.

2013-07-20 074

Yep, you can tell it’s a barbeque place.  You can’t go wrong with a shirtless barbeque guy.

First set, cold dishes. And what the hell are those yellow stuff?  Probably some melon soaked in fruit juices. Yep, tastes about right.

I’m gonna stuff myself with beer before everything else happens.

2013-07-20 080

Love the view of the train crossing the mountain.

2013-07-20 084

You wanna fresh fish? Sure! Pick out the fish from the tank, put it on the floor, and beat it to death with a wooden stick.  I guess at least the pain is gonna be over a bit faster for the fish….

A dragon totem facing the incoming water.

We arrived to the drift place.  Time to regret that it’s  a Saturday. There were so many people there, not to mention there was a  traffic that delayed the rafts being recycled back.  We ran out of rafts and had to wait for a least an hour and half before we could get our rafts.

Since there are so many people pouring waters at us from the shore, I was not advised to bring my camera.

照片 505

Since I got on the same boat with Yulia, I was soaked in seconds since everyone aimed at poor Yulia, who is non-Chinese looking.  People would yell, “there goes a foreigner” and boom, next thing I know a bowl of water landed on my head too.

Passing a small dam on our way back.