Bamboo Raft on Yulong River, Yangshuo, China

2013-11-18 187

Bright & early in the morning, our raft guy started preparing his raft.

2013-11-18 188

Helping mom to get into her seat.

2013-11-18 190

Great way to start the morning.

2013-11-18 192

Our raft man start his work with a draw of cigarette.

2013-11-18 196_stitch

2013-11-18 198

2013-11-18 208

2013-11-18 209

you could also get on one of these bigger bamboo rafts with nicer seating and shade.

2013-11-18 210

Our first leveling difference – out of a total of 9.

2013-11-18 212_stitch

2013-11-18 215_stitch12013-11-18 217

The little hill behind the mountains looked like a thumb

2013-11-18 220_stitch

People in front of us.

2013-11-18 234_stitch

A top resort, apart from the rest of the world.

2013-11-18 236

2013-11-18 238

There are a lot of fish BBQ stands along the river

2013-11-18 241_stitch

2013-11-18 243

Typical country house made out of earth here.

2013-11-18 248_stitch

2013-11-18 250

2013-11-18 253

Another huge 5 star resort, taking up a lot of area.

Apparently it’s a perfect place for painters.

…and if they ever get hungry, they could always call the café guys right across the river, they will deliver, by boat, for free.

Our neighbor’s raft got stuck at the last leveling…

2013-11-18 262

Bridge where there is a small port for us to get off.

2013-11-18 264_stitch

We bade our raft guy good bye as he drove his raft out.

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