Barbeques and Delicacies around Seoul, South Korea

You could never have figured this fairy-tale building in a common city neighborhood is actually a brand new hostel.

2015-03-27 168

The hostel has only opened for a month, but have already received many accolades online.  I can see their one-of-a-kind hospitality.

My friend Jisung tried to help me buying a subway ticket; I told him that I should be ok, don’t worry about me.  I was wrong. Seoul has one of the most difficult subway ticket machines.  Their metro stops are alphabetically arranged, and since I can’t read Korean, I don’t know how are they spelled in English.

2015-03-27 170

Went to a west coast swing event with Jisung, where I have spotted an advertisement for Jordan and Tatiana’s workshop.

2015-03-27 171

That night I have also met OZ, a Korean dancer I’ve first met while working at a dance conference in San Jose. OZ loves West Coast Swing community.

2015-03-27 177

Lunch with Jisung at one of his favorite spots near his work, barbeque.

2015-03-27 178

There was a market not far from that restaurant, great for a digesting-walk after the lunch.

2015-03-27 179

Koreans have similar diets as Chinese.  This is the salted seaweeds.

2015-03-27 180

This is something new, clams on strings.  But I’ve seen something similar in South America.

2015-03-27 181

Fishes of all sizes.

2015-03-27 182

2015-03-27 183

2015-03-27 185

This type of fish is very thin.  The locals would usually dry them and then bake them before eating.

2015-03-27 184

Baked fish.

2015-03-27 189

February night is a little chilly, we managed to get some warmth at this cabin restaurant.

2015-03-27 190

Love the little dishes before the main course.

2015-03-27 191

We also ordered this crepe with vegetables in it.

Jisung and the duck barbeque.

2015-03-27 194

Done professionally.

The famous soju will guarantee drunk in 2 bottles. If you stay sober after one bottle, you are definitely pretty seasoned.  You can read all about this mysterious drink here:

2015-03-27 205

Way Koreans eating barbeques – wrap the vegetable leaves around the meat.

2015-03-27 207

spicy lunch.

2015-03-27 209

Snacks before salsa dancing.

2015-03-27 215

Not sure what this is.

It took us a while to find this place hidden somewhere back in the alley.

2015-03-27 223

But the inside is pretty big.

2015-03-27 395

Me and Chris were pretty hungry on our way back from our DMZ trip, we decided to hit the barbeque at one of the touristy markets around our hostel.

2015-03-27 397

It’s a bit different from the usual Korean barbeque, but it’s pretty good.

2015-03-27 398

I’m the only girl staying at this hostel, I guess only guys are stupid enough to travel around Seoul in blizzardy February, guys and me.

2015-03-27 399

Hello again, Soju

2015-03-27 404

On my way to the airport I found this advertisement, a world map made up with Korean characters.

3 thoughts on “Barbeques and Delicacies around Seoul, South Korea

  1. Wow, now € know how to eat barbecued meat in South Korea! All the food looks delicious. I am so hungry now.

    This is going on my bucket list of places and things to do!

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