Beagle Channel Tour, Ushuaia, Argentina

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The girl whom I met in the park recommended a boat company that gives tours to the beagle channel and Herberton ranch.  Following her direction, I found the company and booked myself a trip that morning.

The most notable discovery during this trip belongs to the king penguin that I found off a Magellan penguin island.  I found this beautiful and huge bird swimming gracefully by itself definitely stood out from the rest of penguins.  So I took a couple pictures and showed it to the tour guide on my boat. “Oh he’s visitor!” She told me, “normally these penguins live in Antarctica, but this one swims up here sometimes.  They are usually too fat to come this far north.  This one is only second to the size of emperor penguins.  The emperors can’t come out of the polar circle or it will die from heat.”

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