Before and After Starting My First Translation Job

Ok, first, I must admit that I’m not your true 100% native English speaker, but I got a translation job as a native English translator! Coincidence?  Alright alright, I was not born in America, my parents do not speak English, and my English isn’t 100% perfect and I do – according to Jonovan – make cute mistakes occasionally… but comparing to the rest of 100% native speakers, being a 90%-95% native English fluent and 75%-80% native Chinese fluent speaker certainly gives me a bit of personal advantage than most of natives, especially ABCs who never took notice of the importance of Chinese *wink wink*.

After a year and half of being happily unemployed, nothing makes me more happy than to see some money injection into my rather empty bank account.  Just like how most people slowly drained their lives during their workweeks, I felt that week before working passed without much memory.

Adam asked me to take some pictures of the city,  I know this is not enough.  Maybe Adam should remind me to take some more picture before getting out of the door next time Smile

set8 002

My grandma has gotten better since the last time, and she could get in a wheelchair now.  Mom has been pushing her everywhere in the hospital yard.

set8 015

Watching recreational activities with my grandma in her wheelchair

set8 003

I have a friend from San Antonio named Haike who is currently working at a company in BeiJing.  After several interviews, I found out I was actually admitted the company that he worked with, so I called the HR to verify… several days later he called back.  He loved BeiJing and suggested following places to stay if I ever make my way to BeiJing.  Unfortunately, my fingers could not write very good Chinese nowadays, not to mention I don’t know where to start with half of the words he mentioned…

set8 006

Long line of people lined up by the bank, I wonder what’s so special today

HuangGang East Gate roundabout not far from my grandma’s house.  I like to have my breakfast around here every morning.  This used to be the east gate of the old city wall.  Even as recent 10 years back, there weren’t anything near high-rises built beyond this roundabout.

set8 008

I went check out one of the many newly built high-rises

set8 009

Before going to Work, I decided to sweep my grandpa’s grave.  He passed away when I was a little over 1 year old.  I don’t remember much about him, but my mom used to tell me a lot of good stuff about my grandpa.  Even nowadays, I could feel my mom missed him very much.

set8 010

Uncle lighting up the firework before leaving

set8 022

Out of all the families in this high-rise, one family decided to put strong bars all around their windows. Are thieves really gonna climb through there?

set8 029

One thing I liked about living in a small town, everything is conveniently packed together.  I don’t have to walk very far to spot one of these every other day… Those stages are usually set up for store opening and/or promotions

set8 032

These folks even brought their enormous drum

set8 033

Boxes of fireworks lined up, unfortunately I liked to breakfast in a area not far from here and I had to endure their noise

set8 036

Since I’m staying in China for quite a while, it’s time to look for a real wallet.  My mom mentioned that I could probably use my grandma’s wallet for the time being since with her paralyzed she couldn’t use it any more.  So I swapped into my grandma’s yellow leather wallet and switch all of her stuff into the black sleeve I bought for her in Bolivia.  While going through her stuff in her wallet I found this yellow post-it booklet.  It briefly introduced herself and then listed all the important contact numbers.  Ah this must be a self-description in case something happens to her on the street….

set8 083

I moved to WuHan earlier September to start my job as a translator. On my way home I had to pass one of the major plazas in the city.  I always spotted these ladies trying to learn dance in the middle of the plaza, oblivious of hundreds of the passersby every night.

set8 084

I met Lewis, a Canadian translator, and Yulia, a Russian translator, at my new post.  We went out to eat during my 2nd day of work.  Lewis proudly showed us the precious bill he carried around with him….

set8 086

Queen Elizabeth on top and Mao on bottom

set8 087

or vice versa….

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