Before Moving Out of Beijing


Not sure what happened with this bike parked next to a metro, was it the owner or was it the thief?


Love the translation.


I need a letter paper, found these old letter in the back of the drawer, untouched for almost 20 years. You can still trace the elementary page numbering in the corner.


奶奶: 您好! 您去医院检查了吗?健康情况如何?今天晚上舅舅他们公司车子来了的话,我们就让他带给您六卷卫生纸,还有一些糖呢!请奶奶收下。大年初三我们就回去。祝:奶奶身体健康,万事如意,春节愉快!您的孙女儿:郑佳音   1995年1月23日

Hello Grandma, how are you? Did you go to the hospital? Is your health ok? If my uncle’s ride comes by tonight, we will send in 6 rolls of toilet paper with him, and some candies! We will be back on the 3rd of January (lunar calendar).  Happy (Chinese) New Year. Your granddaughter Jenny Zheng, January 23rd, 1995



Had my hair treated for the first time in China.


Visited an interpretation competition in Beijing Foreign Studies Universities. These are top kids from all over the country who made to the finals.  I feel consecutive interpretation is a lot more fun to watch since you can catch the errors almost right away.


They score like gymnastics, take out the highest an lowest scores and average the rest.


Award ceremony


The President speaks


Some kids got a trip to Thailand


Before leaving my apartment of 3 years in Beijing I have to say thanks to the awesome park right by it.  This is my favorite park in Beijing – not too big, not too small. 3 km (single loop) run if I’m too tired after a day of work or 6-7 km if I’m not all that tire.


You can spot Beijing CBD not far.


The highlight of the park is this karaoke concert held by this transgendered man/girl. She definitely has a better body than 70% of the women out there… until you hear his voice.


Beautiful sunset during one evening run.


My friends were all riled up on Facebook, and I thought it was a neighborhood fight till when I spotted it on CCTV News (Chinese national television). Now the whole world knows it.


Went for an entrepreneurial workshop


Practice pitch


This 22-year-old just come from California for gathering Chinese funds for his start-up.


Met a monk in the metro. He even produced a “monk ID”.  I thought of buying him buns which costs next to nothing, but when I found the buns place is closed, he asked for bread (which is much more expensive in China).  I eventually bought him something I wouldn’t even afford for myself. 5 USD breads in China is a lot for one person, I hope he put it to good use.


Since my friend Ivy is on a business trip, I took over her business start-up meet-up. 


But the highlight of the meet-up is the location, right by the corner of the Forbidden City, dubbed as the most beautiful part of the town.


The speaker is a lady who does customized high-end handbags. If you want your own handbag with your name on it, take to her and she will hook up with a factory.


Met Wing in Beijing briefly before I moved out. I have crashed on her couch in Hong Kong for my visa run when I just arrived in China. It’s been a good 2.5 years.

2 thoughts on “Before Moving Out of Beijing

  1. How is entrepreneurship in Xhina? Is it well-supported or thought to be a waste of time?

    Is it often that entrepreneur workshops are held?

    Do you want to start your own business?

    There is a lot in this post!!!

    • It’s got pros and cons, lots of foreigners have business here -big and small. There are well supported entrepreneur networks in Beijing and Shanghai. I’m not too sure about the details but I’m sure plenty of other American business owners can tell you their China tales.