Beijing around Christmas

2014-12-28 003

A friend said there was a travel sharing meeting now far from where I live. As an avid traveler, I decided to drop in.

2014-12-28 005

Drinks, snacks provided, I ended up getting a bottle of wine as well.

2014-12-28 008

The guy who shares his story, is also a translator, but into German.

2014-12-28 010

Bumped into a ninja-Santa pizza delivery guy on my way to the elevator.  Love Gunho Pizza.

Christmas has been getting popular around Beijing these years. It’s good business in a country getting ever wealthier.

2014-12-28 011

Chinese in the north eat dumplings on the first day of winter, as a sign of good luck.  I was late off work, searched all over the mall and only found these six left.

2014-12-28 012

The dessert shop in the mall used to have princess cakes, they switched to chocolate and ginger-bread houses for the holiday season.

2014-12-28 013

2014-12-28 014

2014-12-28 015

A friend for Moishe House finally opened his Italian restaurant after 4 months of hard work. Finally there is authentic Italian pizza in the heart of Beijing.

One of the partners.

His Japanese girlfriend.

2014-12-28 025

The Moishe House crowd.

Interesting olive oil and vinegar bottle.  One one side of the alien’s ear comes out vinegar and the other the wine, mix however you like.

Oven shipped from Italy, that takes days to heat up.  The bed in the oven is made from volcanic rocks.  The owner told us that we only tasted 60% of the original Italian pizza.  The oven needs 2 more days to get to the ideal temperature (there is a little thermometer on the left of the opening). By then the pizza will bake quick, you really need to keep an eye on those pizzas in the oven before they burn.

2014-12-28 031

“Feel different parts of the oven, they are different.  Some parts are hot and some are not-so-hot.”

2014-12-28 033

This oven will be a first in Asia.

2014-12-28 037

Second floor of the restaurant was converted from a sun room.

2014-12-28 028

Happy Holidays.