Beijing Capital Museum

Mom is visiting me for the Golden Week holiday in China.  We decided not to venture to anywhere as everyone is rushing for the touristy cities.  Instead, we stayed in Beijing, which is equally as crowded since it’s the country’s birthday and this is the capital.  I strategically planned out a couple not-so-touristy highlights in Beijing for the week.

2013-10-01 001 (2)

First day, the Capital Museum.  You could tell the museum from miles away by its gigantic bell-shaped flowerbed.

We started with Second A, which is located in the spiral structure of the building.  This is mostly on arts from China.  It also has a small section with imported exhibit from Germany.

Works from one of the most famous Chinese painting artists, Qi Baishi.

He’s mostly famous for his cabbage paintings.

2013-10-01 013

His works on a fan.

2013-10-01 021

Some other artists works.

My favorite among this collection.

Grand from the spiral’s top.

Jade museum outlining different grades of jade, with “emerald” translated into “jadeite”.

2013-10-01 030

Jade necklace.

2013-10-01 031

Jade buckles for people to display their wealth in ancient times.

Diagram on where this buckle should be located and how it works.

2013-10-01 032

White jade buckle.

2013-10-01 034

Green jade buckle.

2013-10-01 035

Old jade belts.

Jade brush pen holder.

2013-10-01 043

A genuine carving of a spider and a crab on a black-and-white jade.

2013-10-01 047

Jade snuff box

A delicate jade ornament depicting a grasshopper on a piece of leaf.

2013-10-01 050

Jade and rosewood ruyi (an S-shaped ornament, a symbol of status and good luck)

2013-10-01 052_stitch

The top floor of the spiral is a small garden.

2013-10-01 054

Then we went to Section B of the museum.  Starting at the top floor where it talked about the ancient Beijing culture.

marriage sedan chair

With all of the bridge’s belongings behind her sedan.

2013-10-01 061 (2)

The bride’s sedan.

A parade.

2013-10-01 064

The floor is divided into hutongs, or little traditional Beijinger alleyways.

2013-10-01 065

Traditional women’s clothing.

2013-10-01 066

What women in the countryside would wear in summer…

2013-10-01 067

Newly weds room.

2013-10-01 068

Their new bed.

Fortune candles.

2013-10-01 071

Another wedding sedan chair.

2013-10-01 074

Child’s first birthday.

2013-10-01 075

Where he will be presented with a set of random things on a tray.  Whatever he picks would determine whatever he will be in future.

2013-10-01 076

boy’s hairs according to his age.

70-year-old birthday customs.

2013-10-01 080

Lions for the lion dance during the Chinese New Year.

2013-10-01 081_stitch

Mongolian traders coming to town with their camels.

2013-10-01 084_stitch

We then went to a special exhibit for a recent recovery of an ancient sunken ship.

2013-10-01 086

Model depicting how ancient people boarding cargos.

2013-10-01 088

2013-10-01 089

Items picked up from the sunken ship.

Vase with a coral on it.

2013-10-01 091

Small coral grave found near the shore.

2013-10-01 092

2013-10-01 094

2013-10-01 097_stitch

2013-10-01 100_stitch

The exhibit ceiling decorated by those bottled-up letters.

2013-10-01 103

Capital Museum by sunset.

Beijing traffic by sunset

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It so happened that the Capital Museum is not very far from my dad’s elementary school.  My dad emphasized again and again that we need to visit his elementary school for him.  Now the elementary school has expanded into two campuses, and this is one of them.

2013-10-01 123_stitch

You could tell the elementary school from the mural on the outer wall.