Bern, Switzerland

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Literally named after the bears in the region, this is capital of Switzerland maintained its usual composure of a small Swiss city.  Coming from Geneva on an evening train, I arrived here around 9pm at night. After getting off the train, I asked around for my hostel’s location, only found that the guy was drunk… Luckily I found a map by the train station, found the hostel on the map, took a picture, and follow it to the hostel. It turned out that the hostel was on the second floor of a bar, which had swing dancing that night. Except for that night there were not many dancer there and it doesn’t looked like an open floor….

That night I met an Australian girl Lisa who followed BusAbout tours and arrived here. She and I decided to check out Fribourg the next day….

Despite the fact that this is the capital of Switzerland, downtown Bern shops closed at 7pm – including groceries. The grocery opens the latest is in the train station and it closed at 9pm. Since the restaurant foods were very expensive here (starting around $30 a plate), I starved myself one night when coming back to my hostel too late to shop for grocery foods. It still feels like yesterday: after walking along the street of downtown Bern not being able to find an open grocery, I spotted some leftover bacon plate on a restaurant balcony table. My first instinct was to grab the leftovers and eat it…

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