Boat Tour around the Lake Baikal, Russia

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I was quite hesitant staying on the island for the next day since it was forecasted rain that day, but by the time I hit the booking office, all the buses leaving the island were taken.  Apparently most of tourists were on their way out when they heard this news.   “The forecasts were never right.” The hostel people told me, “they were saying it’s going to rain for two weeks but we still had three weeks of sunny days.”

But then I was told that some locals spotted some very dark rain clouds from the north and they knew the rain was imminent.

Since I had no choice but to stay on the island for one more day, I decided to take the risk and take the boat trip – the only tour that was scheduled for tomorrow from our hostel.  The choice was not bad.  I was quite worried when the cold rain started, but it was quick and the sky went to clear around noon time.  We were lucky that every time we land the sky was clear and rain had stopped.  Then the rain picks up as soon as we started sailing.

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