Bratislava, Slovakia

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While staying in Vienna, my couchsurfing host suggested me to visit Bratislava on a day trip since it’s only an hour from here and there are frequent trains between the two cities. So I took his advice and I had to say, he gave a pretty good advice here – though it is only an hour away from the culturally rich Vienna, Bratislava is plain in comparison and is only worth a day visit.

After arriving the city I found a slew of buses waiting outside the train station.  Not knowing which one to take to the city center, I went up one of them and pointed to the city center on my map.  The driver refused to help, so I stayed on the bus….  Following its route and street signs I soon figured out that I have passed the city center when I saw it getting on a bridge that is right on the other side of the city center.  Jumping off the next stop, I crossed the street, asked some people which bus to take, caught the right bus going back the other way, and dropped myself into the city center.

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