Bruges and Ghent, Belgium

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I happened to visit this part of Beligium on Belgium’s national holiday.  Almost everyone is on vacation and most of the shops were closed besides the shops in the town center.  But the cities themselves were pretty.   Bruges is especially touristy part of Belgium that it has its medieval style buildings renovated back to their original styles.  Now these cities looked like big parks, and there is no need of open shops to keep tourists at the bay…

After visiting Bruges, I also stopped by Ghent for three hours.  I thought city center is nearby the train station like a lot of other European cities, unfortunately it is actually a thirty minute bus ride. After sometimes asking around, I finally landed on the bus that takes me to the city center, which only left me an hour to walk around the center – the shortest city stop I have ever done so far.

From Bruges and Ghent, Belgium, posted by Jenny Zheng on 10/07/2011 (136 items)

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