Budapest, Hungary, Part II

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Budapest is actually divided into two parts: Buda and Pest, separated by the Danube River. Most of the happenings – including my hostel- were located along the bank in the Pest district. This side of the river is more flat, and it has a lot more buildings/people/night life. The Buda side is hillier, so it is less populated than Pest. Because Buda side is prettier, it has more upscale buildings including the former royal castle and government. Though most of the royalty stuff has long been gone and its leftovers were flattened out by Nazi ‘s bombs, the rebuilt historical buildings were converted into national museums and plaza on top of this mountain. So it is still one of the most touristy spots in Hungary today.
Also during my stay July forth came and all Americans in my hostel split ways to find fireworks. However, our independence day is celebrated in the wrong country. Despite our endless search, all efforts went in vain for any presence of sparks in the city.
Of course, I did not forget to take as many thermal baths I could during my stay in Budapest…. 😉

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