Buenos Aires, Argentina, Pt VIII

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While in Uruguay, my replaced credit cards arrived to Pablo’s house.  So the first thing upon arrival is making to his parents’ house in the suburb to retrieve my cards.  I was “fortunate” enough to be on the rush-hour subway train that broke down, talking about heat, people, sweat, and frustration.   It eventually came back after half an hour.  Then after the subway I had a long wait for the commuter train, which was supposed to come every few minutes during the rush hour.

After getting my cards, I went to stay with another host whom I met during my last stay.  Ariel lived in an old house in the city convenient to many places in the city.  We had a nice dinner in his neighborhood – gotta love Argentenian pizza, and the next day we had a wonderful Picada at a place that he recommended to me before.

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