Buenos Aires Part IV – Random Dramas

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Second day of Spanish school, I am moving from Pablo’s apartment to my next host, Ezequiel’s apartment, which is near down town.  Since I was carrying my big backpack, I wanted to get on the special commuter train that only comes 3 times during the rush hour, where I would be able to get a seat for me and my backpack.   However, the special train was half an hour late, which made me short on time for my Spanish school.  Worst of all, the ticket counter guy would not sell us tickets till the train is closing by, so there was a long line of people.

I finally got off the commuter train, since the commuter train was half an hour late and now I am late for my Spanish school.  So now I have to catch whatever the next metro comes.  The next metro came by was extremely crowded, as I was being pushed onto the train, by the time I found my feet I found my bag opened and my wallet (with $200 of my Spanish school tuition) was taken out.  The Spanish school referred me to the tourist police, but the tourist police told me there is a police office in the subway specialized in subway crimes.  After spending an entire afternoon talking to my banks and credit card company to replace my cards.  I met up with Pablo (since I don’t have a phone number, so the credit card company will use his phone to call me), we finally found this police office in the subway.

Since there is very little chance that the thief could get caught here, the police wrote up the report for my travel insurance claim.  Poor guy even asked for my phone number in the bathroom, though I was quite flattered by a hot Argentinian guy, I have to say hooking up with someone who don’t speak your language do not sound like a very wise idea…

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