Cang Mountain, Dali, Yunnan, China


Xiaomei decided to try some grilled grasshoppers, “try it Jenny”… I  was a bit freaked out that by the time I let everything to sink in, she already finished hers.


We are taking a cable up the mountain


Half way up there was a little gazebo peeking out

Cang’s First Peak stone


the view from the cable platform

This cave is a popular Cang Mountain tourist destination.  It was used as one of the sitting for one of the legendary Chinese martial art movies Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils (天龙八部)

yunnan 201

A vase sculpted out of the wall

a little shrine in the middle of the cave

yunnan 205

This cave has been used by people throughout various points in history.  Artifacts like these were found all over the cave when it was developed for tourism.  Though it was said during the ancient times, this part of the country was frequently the border of China and its neighboring countries.  Wars always broke out from time to time and people would come here for safety.

yunnan 206

A stone shaped like a laying lion

yunnan 208

A turtle

a little resting area for those who are tired of the long walk around the cave

So many people were touching these rocks so they stopped growing a long time ago

Steep way up


yunnan 216

we got out at the other end of the cave.  This place is way higher than when we started….

yunnan 223

Every few feet a water bucket was placed in case of fire

yunnan 224yunnan 228_stitch

and its georgeous view…I love views from high places…

yunnan 241yunnan 242

Coming down, we found this garden of Shangguan rose, a local type of rose frequently used in all sorts of foods and drinks

yunnan 244

The garden has all sorts of Shangguan roses, including this bi-colored one

yunnan 245

A little Bodhisattva fountain

yunnan 247

and other exotic plans, including one of these with multiple color leaves on the right

yunnan 248

the park looking from above

yunnan 252

a little temple next to the garden… it was said a wedding scene from Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils (天龙八部) was made from here

yunnan 253

a little blessing stone sits in front of the temple, you start at the red “wealth” (財) in front of the stone, close your eyes and put your hands up, walk till you touch the blessing stone

yunnan 256

We stopped by a small food stand for our lunch – almost the same foods as from yesterday, tree barks and Erhai lake plants…  The wife charged us only a third price of what we were charged yesterday, but when the husband came to collect money, it was the same amount, or three times as much as what we were told by the wife.

yunnan 275yunnan 277

Coming back to Dali city, I visited the big tower in front of my hotel, from here you could see Dali from the top

yunnan 281_stitch

The north street

yunnan 286_stitch


Erhai to the east

yunnan 294_stitch

the south gate

yunnan 298

and a triangle set of pagodas you could see from a far.  The pagodas were famous for their triangle reflections in the lake.. Unfortuantely the door price is way beyond what a typical tourist would pay in China…

yunnan 299_stitch2yunnan 302_stitch

Top of the building is a nice guest room with ceilings decorated with colorful reliefs

and from the window South Gate is clear in view

yunnan 312_stitch

Coming down from the tower, I went to the bar street where my friends were basking in the sun

yunnan 310

Following the bar street up the stream and we found a big fountain in the center. Apparently it was the source of the stream water, though it is dried up today.

yunnan 315

gotta love local handicraft stands, Xiaomei was looking at those bracelets for a long time, and she finally got three of them

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  1. This walkway is named “Jade-Cloud Road” after the cloud formations that appear over the Cang Mountain peaks.