Castro, Chile

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We took a boat from Chaiten to come to here and found our nightmare in Chaiten repeating itself –all the cheap hotels and hostels were booked full.  Apparently there was a huge folklore festival and all the locals from the surrounding area gathered around here.  As we went to the tourist information center with our frustration, the information lady pointed to another lady beside her, “she still has a room with two beds.”  Ok, we’ll take it!

We followed her to her house near the coast.  It was an old house, the one that looked like witches house in the horror movies at night.  Like a normal house in the area, its walls were also made of cardboards.  We safely made our way through the guarding dog, and found two messy beds from the previous tourists who left for the day.  “Don’t worry” the lady told us.  She quickly changed the sheets and the quilts’ covers and the room was ours.

This family is a single mom with her sons and a renter.  The mom has 2 jobs, rents out her house, and occasionally converts her spare bedroom into a hostel during the peak season for some extra income.  I feel pretty bad for her situation, but then maybe this is how a lot of people’s live look like, and I’m not far from a financial struggle if I don’t start working in a couple months as well.

From Castro, Chiloé, Chile, posted by Jenny Zheng on 6/24/2012 (121 items)

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