Lima, Peru II


It feels like a full circle when I saw Verena, the first girl I met on this trip, here in Lima, the last city before wrapping up my Pantagonia travel this year. I remember the first time seeing her in my host’s house while studying Spanish in Cusco. Upon hearing a couple busy footsteps running into the house, “Hello!” a man carrying a huge backpack peeked in my bedroom as I furiously crunching in my first sets of Spanish vocabulary in silence. “This is Verena” He extended his arm to the girl next to him. Immediately a beautiful blond girl popped into my door frame, “hi! I’m Verena!”. Her eyes glittered behind her wired-framed glasses as she spoke in excitement. “Hello! I’m Jenny” dumbfounded as I thought I was the only guest student in the room, only found another to join my party. Before I even realized what happened both of them ran off to the guestroom next to mine.

I thought they were a couple. It turned out that the man was Verena’s Spanish school principal, and Verena was also staying with my Peruvian host family for the week.

Verena is also a professional traveler, and she picked up quite a bit of Spanish since she got to South America a month before I did. It wasn’t long before we enjoyed each other’s company and started sharing all about our crazy travel adventures. “The Ecuadorians are quite exotic people, you gotta go visit Ecuador someday!” She suggested. I agreed.

Here in Lima we spent two sunsets together, laughing and talking about our three months of inspiring tales among various intrepid encounters. The sunset on the ocean beyond Lima burned like a wild fire as it slowly descended, and somehow it all means so much more to me.

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