Cerro Ventana, Argentina

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It was after arriving Sierra de la Ventana that I realized the national park is still some miles away.  There were two parts of this park, the “Ventana” which is at a peak of Cerro Ventana and the pre-historical caves.  Since I got only one day, I decided to get to Ventana first before considering any time for the caves.  Though the shade-less uphill in summer heat was quite challenging, I found that coming back straight downhill was more difficult since my knees were already worked out going straight up hill for 3 hours.

In the end, though a friendly young man offered to give me a lift going to the caves, I decided to enjoy this side of the national park instead of rushing to the caves.  He suggested to visit the pools at the bottom of the mountain, which was exactly what I needed after 7 hours of walking without any shade.

From Cerro Ventana, Argentina, posted by Jenny Zheng on 4/11/2012 (67 items)

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