Chaoyang Park Festival

Mom said there is a little tourism festival not far from my apartment in Chaoyang Park during the break.  So I went there to check it out.  Though walking into the park,  I couldn’t feel anything different besides that the entrance price doubled.  After five minutes walking around, I heard a crowd in the center plaza and found this Western-looking guy playing music.

Carnival backdrop

Lots of street artists copying sculptures.

2013-10-08 081

Apparently the park is great for bridal pictures.

2013-10-08 073

Kids catching fish in an inflatable pool.

2013-10-08 074

And you get to keep six fish every time.

2013-10-08 075

I remember playing this in Switzerland with, of course, much taller trees for adults.

a worried mom…

Love how kids could get a free ride like that.

2013-10-08 086

Dinner consists of various Beijing characteristic foods that I could not come up with their names