Chauchilla, Paredones Aqua ducts, Peru

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While in Nazca, I met an Israeli that morning before going to take my plane tour.

“Are you going take the plane tour?” I asked him.

“No, but one of these two girls is…. ” He pointed to the two empty beds, looking a little strange.

Soon after I was on my way to the airport with Barbara, “You got a 4-bed dorm for yourself?”   She was quite surprised.  “We asked if there is any spare room, the hostel guy told me he was out of rooms.  So we were put in this room with an Israeli guy”

“Oh you must be the girl the Israeli guy was talking about!” I could finally piece them together.

“Him? He’s so strange and gross.” She sounded a little relieved when she let those syllables out.


“The three of us were put in a room with two beds. Since the room was short of beds, we asked for another room.  But the hostel owner said he was out of the room, and two of us could share the big bed in this room.  The Israeli guy immediately wanted to share the big bed with my friend.  My friend (who is a girl) immediately refused. So me and my friend shared the bed that night.  This morning I got up early to get ready for our tour.  When I came back, I found the Israeli guy moved to my spot and was sleeping next to my friend.”

So that’s how Barbara, her friend and I were acquainted….

From Chauchilla & Paredones Aquaducts, Peru, posted by Jenny Zheng on 8/11/2012 (105 items)

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