Chengdu Walking Tour, Hotpot, and West Coast Swing

2013-08-22 003

My hostel in Chengdu organizes walking tours every Monday night, so I joined their dinner before they took off.  They found this hole-in-the-wall place not far from the hostel, where the foods are quite oily before they get tasty.

We then walked through this shopping center, where the guide noted how the bronze relief illustrates some of the oldest shops here.  For example, this relief depits the shop just right across from it.

2013-08-22 012_stitch

Walking along the river near the hostel, the entire street lighted up along the river.

2013-08-22 009

Dancing performance under the pavilion across the river.

2013-08-22 019

The guide told us a story about this pedestrian crossing: one morning when a couple newly weds walked through there in their gowns and tuxes, all traffic stopped for them.  It was such a big matter in Chengdu that now all newly weds have to walk over this crossing, as saying,”we will cross everything together”, hence the named “Love Lane”.

2013-08-22 027_stitch

One of the most prominent structure on the river should be this bridge.  Its yellow illumination made it especially austere.

2013-08-22 023

The bridge is actually wide enough to host an entire high-end restaurant.

2013-08-22 020

Guests at the tour group

2013-08-22 022

Me on the bridge.

2013-08-22 025

Bar Street.2013-08-22 030

Apparently, by the time we got to the pavilion, the performance has ended. Now, people just do all sorts of things around this pavilion. This group is deep in its Tai Chi despite all sorts of crazy noises around the place.

2013-08-22 031

As usual, we found a bunch of older ladies doing dances in the plaza.

…with an exception, this little bugger also knows how to dance with ladies couple times of his age.

2013-08-22 043

Another reason why I am in Chengdu… I heard this is one of the two only places with West Coast Swing dances in China… So I made sure to free up my Tuesday night for the dance.

2013-08-22 042

Robert and Sheryl.

2013-08-22 039

2013-08-22 044

Me and Sheryl

2013-08-22 048

Before I leave Chengdu, I need to make sure that I got hotpot covered.  A typical hotpot meal requires a table of 8 people, but 7 VERY hungry people worked well too.

2013-08-22 049

My turn.

2013-08-22 050

The hotpot is divided into two layers, the outer part is the spicy soup, just in case you couldn’t take the spicy any more, the inner pot will save you with its a clear soup.

2013-08-22 051

We ate all the way till we could find nothing but this.


I always found hostel food too greasy, except for this one, and the drink is pretty good too.