Chinese American Looking at Shen Yun Performance

You wonder why there are not many Chinese speaking out in the Shen Yun promo vids. Is it because of White-Face talks in advertising? The show looked dazzling, despite the fact many of movements resembling more western dances than traditional Chinese dance.

That is fine, but mixing the political powder into an innocent cultural show is NOT. It does not make the culture “true”.

According to Wikipedia, “the purpose of Shenyun was to revive Chinese culture and traditions from the time before the Chinese Communist government.”

What Shen Yun promotes is nothing more than nostalgia and delusion.

Merely 100 years ago, China was still under its 2000-year traditional monarchy. Yes, you could lose your head if you did not please the royal family – and many lost their lives because of free speech. Some people’s entire family had been killed because of that.

That was just 100 years ago.

If you trace back further, you enter more crude forms of society. Even at the height of China’s dominance a thousand years ago, a commoner’s life was pretty poor and miserable – not to mention women were treated worse than animals till more recent years.

I don’t know what Shenyun is portraying, it’s definitely NOT my culture. Though I also have reservations about the communists, nobody even remotely sane want China to go back to traditional monarchy!

One thought on “Chinese American Looking at Shen Yun Performance

  1. Valid point. Seems very straightforward and obvious for those who shares your cultural background. But keep in mind that this group also does not reside in the “catchment area” of Shenyun. As long as it has a potential audience, it would not cease to exist no matter how ridiculous it looks for another group.