Chinese Bus Dramas

When it comes luck during the busiest holiday traffic season, I am always out of luck in getting myself to somewhere.  This time – as I should have known – is certainly no exception when you are trying to fight your way though a billion other people (no pun intended).  I got myself to the train station after lunch, for sure with train leaving for Jinzhou every 15 minutes, they will have a seat for me eventually right?  Nope, apparently all the trains were booked for the day.  Ok fine, the bus station, this option is actually a tad more expensive but it should have a space for my already-tired butt desperately needing a rest.  I did have the luck getting a ticket there – with the bus leaving just 2 hours later.  Me and my parents dug 3 seats in already over-crowded waiting zone… 3:30pm came, and I joyfully hopped onto the bus.  10 minutes later, the engine started droning and my parents happily waved me good bye.  Now they finally let out a breathe of relieve.

set10 034

Minutes after the the bus started, I feel into my oblivion of dream world.  When I woke up, the bus was parked somewhere.  “What happened?”  I asked my neighbor.

“He’s been waiting for someone…”

I looked at my watch – it’s been an hour….

Are you f***ing serious?  I should be half way there by now.  Apparently we were still parked in another bus station not far from where we started, waiting for his VIP.

set10 036

OH, yes, people did complain – very loudly.  On and off the bus.  Mind you?  He hauled us halfway across the city and parked here to give someone his free ride, while the rest of us paid our ways to get on this bus – waiting with him.

But he didn’t budge.

set10 039

For the first time in my life, I really needed some tomatoes on my hand when I saw these people coming onboard.