Chinese New Year 2–Dumplings and Games

2014-01-31 030

James friends threw a dumpling party at their house on the Chinese New Year.  The last time I had actually made dumplings was when I was 10 or 11.  So I was all excited to revisit the experience…but we were a bit late for that.  By the time we got to his friends’ house, the dumplings were all boiling in the pot.

2014-01-31 032

Snacks and drinks

But James also brought something neat with him, pork ribs.

2014-01-31 039

Sticking ribs into the oven, and season…

2014-01-31 040

Then we totally forgot about the ribs in the oven…

2014-01-31 047

Other students at the party

2014-01-31 049

After completely over-stuffing ourselves with way too much dumplings than we could handle, we all sat around the coffee table and the guys started their efforts to burn those foods off – by singing Chinese love songs.

2014-01-31 050

Some got so emotional that they started rolling in their chairs…..

2014-01-31 051

the cheerleaders.

2014-01-31 057

Then we started playing Uno.

2014-01-31 058

Since there were so many people, we piled two different Uno cards together, good luck in trying to recognize same type of cards from different sets of Uno cards.