Chinese New Year Dinners

After the one-day New York City trip, we had a Chinese New Year hotpot party at Jame’s house.

2014-01-31 005

Getting prepared, checking at the hotpot.

James hard at work

Chinese broad knife great for chopping all sorts of foods for Chinese dishes.

Korean sticky rice cake, now a popular street food in Beijing.

2014-01-31 012

The table

2014-01-31 015

Guests are really, ah sooo young, they make me feel so old, haha!

2014-01-31 017

Working on sauces.

2014-01-31 018

The party.

2014-01-31 022

2014-01-31 025

Drink that Maotai (Chinese brand-name baiju, or rice wine) to the last drop.  James brought a bottle of Maotai from his house in Beijing.

2014-01-31 027

Trying on different foods

This guy stayed aloof the entire time with his cell phone.  Turned out that he was not of a friend of anyone here.  James’ roommate happened to spot him online.  Apparently he arrived at the airport from China without knowing anyone here.  After reading his plead online James’ roommate went to the airport and picked him up.