Chinese Resume – Please Include a Picture

I don’t know about you, but being hired based on my hereditary traits makes me feel like a dog.

I remember being looked over on day 1, simply because I’m not white enough.  No sir, I’m not a Poodle!

Before coming to China, I met an English teacher who warned me, “if they want a photo on your CV for an English teaching job, you better save your time and move on.” Of course as we all know it, this is a silent signal that the position is white-only.

In China, human beings are like math equations: if you are over 25, you are too old to be an airline attendant; if you are over 30, you are too old to be a secretary for board meetings. Equality?  Age and heredity is the equation for appearance, and to work at almost any exciting job you need both.

Innovation is promoted, but experience is not appreciated.  Older people continue getting pushed out from the job market right away.  Who needs experience?  We got innovation! And if you are over 35, you are too old to learn them.  Only the pretty and young people are able to handle this stuff. 

There are simply just too many people in China, discrimination as we know it is widely accepted as legitimate way to differentiate people in all shapes and sizes.   You cannot judge a book by its cover? In China, you can.