Circuito de Oro, Paraguay

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My 4 hour bus ride from Ciudad del Este to here turned into a 9 hour nightmare. First, the bus went very slow (like 30kph) then it broken down 5 times. At the 5th time, it finally made us to switch to a local bus that stops at every town and village on the way, so I didn’t get to my hostel until 10pm last night. Not to mention, at one point on the bus, the guy sitting next to me was way too friendly that he asked if I would switch my stop to San Lorenzo so that I could sleep in his town – not like I am not friendly, but I’m pretty worried when he’s that friendly after 20 minutes of talk. Then I got off to my stop, this young man helped me to switch to another bus, got off at our stop – it turned out that he lives right across from my hostel. So he walked with me – at around 10pm at night – so I think by the time we got to my hostel (aka his house) that he got pretty horny, kept trying get close to me and touch me and asking if he could kiss me. I was so shocked and angry that I pushed him off and just told him “NO NO NO! GO HOME AND GO TO SLEEP AND THANK YOU VERY MUCH!”

Arrgh…. but the upside is that I really liked my hostel, a countryside camp right on the lake! what an ingenious location!

Want any continuation of Paraguan harrassement? today in one of the towns during this independent circuit tour I visited I was followed by a drunken man everywhere, I almost called the police if I didn’t run fast enough to my next bus stop…

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