Cocktail Making Party for Singles Day

The singles day started on November 11, 2011 (111111). A group of college students in China decided to party over their singleness. Within the next 3 years, it has grown into a huge Chinese national online shopping holiday, and everyone – not just singles, will over run all the online shops. Pretty much like your Cyber Monday in USA.

On singles day, a couple of my singles friends (Ren Fei, Mr. Zhang and Xiaolin) got together and went to a cocktail tasting party. Though the party was kinda fun, people kept staring at their watches – make sure they can still go home and finish their last set of shopping before it’s too late.

2014-11-19 003

Pretty girls showing up.

Looks like everything is set to go.2014-11-19 012

What is this country quiz

Filling out quiz

Picking up quiz.

2014-11-19 013

Other team’s final decision.

2014-11-19 016

First cocktail.

2014-11-19 018

2014-11-19 019

Shake it!

Cool liquid


2014-11-19 039

All the drinks we’ve made, time to get drunk Smile