Colonia, Uruguay

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From Punta de Este, I had to take a bus going back to Montevideo then another bus back to Colonia for a boat to Buenos Aires.  My first bus was a bit late and I was quite worried that I couldn’t make to the second bus.  It arrived just a minute before the second bus’ departure time.  Fortunately, my next bus was not too far from this bus so I got on the bus in no time, and out of all the buses that always departed late in South America, this bus actually departed on time.

Though I only had a couple hours to stay here, this is actually my favorite Uruguanyan town so far.  It does not have Montevideo’s big city life or Punta de Este’s luxurious beach atmosphere, but it has its own feel of a unique colonial town.  Neat, not exaggerated, small and fresh, even though it was a hot summer day, I still had a pleasant walk around here, feeling every bit of freshness from its wide but empty avenues.

From Colonia, Uruguay, posted by Jenny Zheng on 4/10/2012 (44 items)

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