Copenhagen, Denmark

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Unfortunately, Copenhagen will always be remembered as the city where I lost my best friend on this trip – my camera.  While video-taping the royal guards change in the rain, the poor Jim just decided to give up to my abuse.  Also unfortunately, that was a weekend when it happened, which means that most of the shops were closed…   In addition to search of a new camera, now this is a dead weight added onto my backpack.

That means… there weren’t a lot of decent pictures for this city, no little mermaids (which was also shipped to ShangHai during World Expo), no star castle and most of the boat tours were goners.

I stayed with Barrett, an American currently living in Copenhagen whom I met in Madrid.  I remembered arriving at Copenhagen airport in the pouring rain around 10pm at night.  Following her instructions, I got on the bus.  I told the friendly bus driver my stop and sure enough, I saw a black shadow in a big rain jacket – Barrett.  I had a good time in her warm little one bed room abode.  She talked a lot about culture differences between Americans and Europeans and how important to seal their differences when working together, and she talked about how America needs to change in order to move forward.

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