Cordoba, Argentina

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Since all the shops were closed on Christmas, I decided to take a bus to Cordova.  I got in that afternoon and picked out a hostel from the list on  This hostel turned out to be the friendliest hostel I have been in South America.   It is a hostel with a normal facility and I felt quite tired from all the traveling so I wasn’t up to chat with anyone at the start.  After settling down, I found someone to hang out with to the art market.  Not long after that I became acquainted with some people in the hostel so we went out to Maria Maria that night.  We stayed until 3 that morning and had a blast.  I bumped into some more people while visiting Alta Gracia, and we had a lot of fun trying to hitchhike together to another town.  Later that night guys from our hostel met up with some local girls at Maria Maria, and the girls came over the next day showed us around the downtown for a day.

Though the city does not have a lot of special place, I had a very good and friendly Christmas stay.

From Cordoba, Argentina, posted by Jenny Zheng on 1/16/2012 (164 items)

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