Cowboys Stadium, Dallas

To start off, I need to apologize for more than a month long hiatus.  I changed a web host and apparently the remote connection did not work with the new host.  It took me a while to figure out how to fix it.  Meanwhile all the pictures from my trip in America and Korea are pilling up.  I am posting them as the day I edited those pictures.  In order to not swamp you, I will post them a day or two at a time (given if my remote will work with me).

Thank you for your patience.

Haider dropped by Dallas while I was visiting my parents.  I have been wanting to visit the new Cowboys Stadium (house of Cowboys Football Team) for a while now. So I recruited him to come along Smile.

2015-02-17 033_stitch

The stadium was clearly new.  It was built just a few years ago to accommodate the ever growing number of Cowboy fans.

2015-02-17 037

2015-02-17 040

Stepping inside, we first encountered a mural composed rows of light bulbs.  The bulbs constantly changed the layout of their lights every few seconds. At first, all seemed like a convoluted puzzle, then we realized it was depicting different scenes of football game.

2015-02-17 044

Basic girth of football shirt will fit 2 of me.

2015-02-17 046

Tiny under a Texas-sized cowboy hat.

2015-02-17 049 (2)

They got tons of stuff for children.

2015-02-17 049

Rows of footballs, apparently not all of them are made for tossing around.

2015-02-17 052

This champion football was made of high-quality leather, but for collection only.  You buy it to get the autograph and then show it off in your living room.

2015-02-17 053

Our tour starts on the second floor of the pro shop.

2015-02-17 054

Tour guide.

2015-02-17 060_stitch

Overview of the stadium sitting. Apparently they are having another concert, people scurried around setting up the stages.

2015-02-17 071

2015-02-17 073

Cargo elevator down to the basement.

Walking along the basement hall, tracing the cooling pipes.

2015-02-17 078

Gigantic artificial grass neatly rolled up, resting on the equally gigantic racks, waiting for its cue anytime.

2015-02-17 083

Players lounge, before getting onto the field.

Meeting hall decorated with historical moments of Cowboys games.

Football players changing room.

2015-02-17 096

The entrance wall hanged a plague with all of Cowboys achievements.  Apparently in many categories, they are always ranked second, like the number of Super bowl championships.

Cheerleaders changing room.

2015-02-17 098

Cowboys cheer leading team is the most competitive to get in.  Usually about a thousand candidates try out for about 40 spots every day.  Of course, all the girls made here are not only model quality, but also great in gymnastics and dances.

2015-02-17 101

Duct for football players to get onto the game field.

2015-02-17 107

Up the floors we went.

The largest single expandable roof in the world.

2015-02-17 120

We bumped Texas High School Football week, promoting top football high schoolers around Dallas.

2015-02-17 122

2015-02-17 130

Largest hanging TV in the world.  They had a debate about how high it should be up there, but apparently their first try was not good enough, a concert that was going to be held here had higher stages, forcing the stadium readjusting its TV hanger.

Cranes looked like toys from where we were at.

Club area, folks with club ticket are entitled to hang around here during the game.  It is also used for various events and banquets.

2015-02-17 139

Everything around the stadium reminded you the glories of football, even lights won’t let you forget that.

2015-02-17 146

State-of-art concession stand, “they had LCD menus just in case they run out of something. The menu is always up-to-date.”

2015-02-17 150

Whenever they weren’t showing football, they were showing pictures of pretty ladies one way or another.

2015-02-17 151

Stadium art gallery.

2015-02-17 152

We bumped into those high school football players of the week, they were on a special group tour.  The one that also gave them career prospects.

2015-02-17 156

They even had a hall for Cotton Bowl, the big college football event in Dallas between University of Texas (my school) and Oklahoma University.  It is definitely the biggest football event for both schools every year.

2015-02-17 160_stitch

Cotton bowls champion bowl

2015-02-17 171

Now we are on the highest audience deck, where there was a Dr. Pepper stand.  You can see the big red stand from quite far away, which is important since it is on the very top of the audience floor.  The stand was made with a thought of our environment, everything here was recycled or recyclable.

2015-02-17 173

On the top floor, you can see workers working on the roof.

2015-02-17 181

With my zoom, I can even spy them from where I was standing.

2015-02-17 186

Here you can also get a clear view on the spines of this gigantic structure.  The stadium apparently cost almost twice as it was budgeted.