Cow’s tongue, Baby Gourds


“Language lets people love each other; it also lets people hate each other” in Uyghur language.


Cute slippers for couples.

It rained a lot these past few days, we found a lady standing in front of shopping center, wrapping everyone’s umbrella with a plastic bag so people won’t slip and fall from wet floor caused by water dripped from umbrellas.

2014-06-23 011

We had Korean barbeque one evening and decided to try cow’s tongue… It sure tasted different.

2014-06-23 015

But the martini was good.

2014-06-23 017

Hilary visited me, and we took off to Lanluoguxiang market.  She immediately fell in love with these baby gourds, a symbol of good luck.

Hilary and her pair of baby gourds.