Crazy Adventures from Tariat to Muron, Mongolia

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Having the craziest adventure of my life – after a horse trip around the white lake, I tried to hitch a car to Moron and almost got myself in a fight with a drunken Mongolian man. As a last minute resort, I ran to the gas station and was picked up by Mongoian National TV crew, with whom I have spent a wonderful evening in a beautiful ger (the Mongolian tent) by the lake & hitched their car (which was the nicest car I have hitched in Mongolia) to Tosentsengel the next day. After getting into the town I was interviewed by the Mongolian National TV reporter and was hooked up with some of the only English speakers in the town – the nicest American family (yes, they live in the midde of nowhere in Monglia – Tosentsengel, where?) who helped me to hitch a forest research group’s car to the Moron. I ended up camping and spent a crazy evening around the fire and had some interesting times in a 3-people tent with four other young Mongolians (two couples on each side of me)

From Crazy Adventures from Tariat to Muron, Mongolia, posted by Jenny Zheng on 11/05/2011 (157 items)

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