Dallas Chinese New Year Performance

My mom bought a pair of performance tickets for Chinese New Year while scavenging around the supermarket. The recent Chinese government unloading its departments excess, now the artistic department is no longer regarded as a government luxury but to be enjoyed by Chinese public.  For the Chinese New Year, some of them toured around places where Chinese live in large numbers. For just $10 early bird, we got ourselves pretty decent seats.

2015-02-17 208

MJs. One Chinese, one English.  Mom kept asking me if the guys English interpretation was alright, it was not.  The lady would say a bunch words, and then the guy would say a one line in English – that is not interpretation.

Classical singer.

2015-02-17 209

Acrobatic performance.  It was said that this one won a bronze in an acrobatic competition in Paris.

2015-02-17 212

2015-02-17 213

Juggling to each other.

2015-02-17 214

2015-02-17 218

2015-02-17 219

Juggling on top of each other.

2015-02-17 225

Traditional dancing.

2015-02-17 227

Classical singing.

2015-02-17 231

Guy who worked his mouth and nose at the same time.

2015-02-17 233


2015-02-17 234

Different ethnic minority dancing.

2015-02-17 236

2015-02-17 240

One more acrobat.

2015-02-17 242

2015-02-17 244

Duo stand-up comedy.

2015-02-17 245

Lip synch.

2015-02-17 247

Patriotic classical songs.

2015-02-17 248

Traditional dancing

2015-02-17 252

Conclusion dance is always loaded with red colors.