Dallas Hair Show

“I need a hair cut…” This is not the first time I told myself the sad truth on this trip… and finally I’m coming home after a year on the road.  So here is my chance to grab a good hair as a good omen for my next few months of job hunting.   Nicole told me she used to be a hair model so she could get free cuts, “you just need to sit there for hours for them to go through the cutting steps with their students, but in the end, you get a nice hair for free.”

Ok, not bad deal consider although I’m not starving poor, but I still haven’t got an income coming in.  I searched high and low for hair model ads on craiglist for and there were quite a few.  Most of them were salon students looking for a practice partner.  Then I found a model call in one of the beauty academies nearby for a hair show,  it sounded quite legit, so I showed up.

Walking in the room with a few people, each of us sat on one of those swivel salon chairs as we watched a group of what seemed like stylists dressing in black, stood together, talking and occasionally pointing to one of us.  Then they split two by two talking to each of us, accessing our hair quality and and our needs.  Gritta, the head stylist of this show, talked to each of us and burbed out “cute” in between her most professional manners.

“What?  you never had color before?”  She looked like she was in pure surprise, “I never saw a virgin hair for a long time.  This is simply amazing.”

..and I was in.

… but I hesitated.  I really wondered what does it mean by “virgin hair” and so that night I went online to see how much damage will coloring do to my hair.  For the next hour I learned what I needed to make my decision.  Basically, there are three types of colorings ranked from temporary to semi to permanent, with temporary the least damage and permanent the most.  That night I dialed a stylist’s number, “Karen, I have a question for this hair show.”

“Ah you need to speak to Gritta then.”

…then I was hooked up with Gritta. “I was wondering what type of hair coloring are you guys using.” I asked.

“We are using permanent.”  She replied.

“Then I think I don’t want to get my hair colored.”  I tried to calm myself down as much as possible on this end of the phone.

“That’s ok.  We totally understand your decision.  If you don’t want to get your hair colored, you shouldn’t get it colored.”

My heart sank a little.  On one hand I don’t really want to damage my hair, on the other these stylists looked really professional and I really want to see what they could do with my hair.  I twisted and turned on my bed, thinking if I made a wrong decision, and for the longest time I could not fall into sleep that night.

The next morning I called back, “is it too late to change my mind?”

Set1 004 (2)

Gritta greeting every model

Set1 004

The youngest gal, Amanda, is so called the “problem child” among the stylists

Set1 005

The only dude in this group

Set1 006

that takes a lot of tedious work and patience

Set1 007

when you are on the phone for that long, you know you are borderline bored…

Set1 008Set1 010

Gritta’s anti-aging model

Set1 011

Set1 019

yah, you gotta make sure the colors transitioned right under each layer

Set1 027

Set1 028

final styling the next morning

Set1 031

working on our schedule

Set1 032

my make-up faintly reminded me of Chinese opera characters under the silhouette light

Set1 040 (2)

the make-up artist’s interesting hair

Set1 040

yay I’m all pretty

Set1 043

Amanda practicing her cat walk

Set1 046

Set1 048

Set1 055

Set1 054

with the colorist and the male model